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Premium Baby Glass Bottles

Baby Glass Bottles 100% Safe

Why Risk It?

Did you know that glass bottles are the only bottles that are 100% free of any harmful chemicals? Your baby will be chemical free when feeding with our Eco-healthy bottles.

BPA Free Baby Bottles Easy to Hold

Your Baby Will Love It

Your baby is our top priority so we designed our bottles with a very functional design that is easy to handle for you and your baby. The glass shape is slim enough so your baby will be able to hold it with ease

A Safer Option For Your Baby

Our bottles are made from borosilicate glass which makes it very resistant to knocks and drops. It also offer an extra layer of protection without adding any weight to the glass thanks to the silicone skin which also makes our bottles have unique colors

Don't Overlook These Facts

Plastic Bottles Can Leak Chemicals

Even BPA-Free bottles can leak harmful chemicals into the breast milk or formula. BPA-Free Bottles contains other harmful chemicals like BPS and BPF which is as bad as BPA. Learn more HERE

Hard To Clean and Maintain

They are more difficult to clean and will scratch easily creating tiny spaces for bacteria to grow. Plastic will also retain and absorb odor and stains

Less Durable and Non Eco- friendly

You will want to replace a plastic bottle every 3-5 months which could be more expensive in the long run. They might take up to 1000 years to biodegrade , making these unsustainable for the environment.

Unsafe Plastic Bottle
Wawita Safe Glass Bottle

Your Baby Safety Is Our Top Priority

Baby Glass Bottles

Wawita baby with wawita bottle

Wawita bottles have a comfortable shape and the silicone skin makes the bottle non-slippery and easy to handle for you and your baby


Chemical-Free = Worry-Free


Step 1

Choose your favorite bottle

Pick your favorite color and size of bottle. You can also go with one of our bundles

Step 2

We inspect, hand-pack and ship your products

Usually within 1 business day. We ship from our warehouse in CA so delivery time is around 4-7 days anywhere in the United States

Step 3

Peace of Mind has arrived

And of course, if there's anything that's not 100% we'll make it right for you

Step 4

See amazing results

Immediately notice the big different after the first use. Easy to handle and clean. Your baby will love it!

Our Promise To You

We keep it honest

Our products are made overseas but we pay a premium to get the best quality. We also inspect every single product at our warehouse in California before is sent to you.

100% money-back guarantee

We believe that you will love our products but if for any reason you are not satisfied and wants to return our products, do not worry. We offer 100% hassle free returns and exchanges.

24/7 Real Person Customer Service

Whether you have a question or concern about any of our products, we are an email, text or phone call away. Reach us 24/7 at or 650.898.7370


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