5 Amazing Baby Products Designed for Safety
Sadie Prise

Sadie Prise

5 Amazing Baby Products Designed for Safety

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ure they were strapped in securely a dozen times. You probably drove more cautious and slow than you ever have before!

Becoming a parent comes with great responsibility and the instinct to keep our little ones safe from harm. If you think back to when you drove your baby home from the hospital for the first time, you were probably a little nervous and checked to make sure they were strapped in securely a dozen times. You probably drove more cautious and slow than you ever have before!

Throughout pregnancy we delight in daydreaming of what the gender will be or what the baby will look like. Will they have my eyes? What color hair will they have? But above all, we want our babies to be healthy and SAFE! The decisions we make as parents and the products we buy for our children are extremely important when it comes to safety. As parents, we need to do our due diligence to research the best we can and ask other parents within our network to share the knowledge! If you are reading this, then you are educating yourself to keep your child safe from harm – so great job! We’re glad you’re here. Here is a list of baby products I think are pretty awesome and definitely designed with safety in mind!

1. Wawita Baby Bottles. The idea of safety was the whole reason Wawita Baby Products got started! Behind every great company is a great story. The founder was with a friend who was preparing a bottle to feed his baby. The bottle accidentally was knocked off the counter and shattered into many pieces. It was difficult to find all of the shards of glass. At that moment, he knew there was a need for a bottle that would make parents’ lives easier.

Being a new parent is so exhausting and some days you are simply trying to keep up. The Wawita bottle is a shatter-resistant glass bottle with a color changing temperature feature! If dropped, it will not shatter into pieces that can cause a hazard and stressful situation. The bottle changes color to warn if the temperature of the liquid is too hot. These bottles are safe and babies love them!

2. Crib Mesh. Breathable crib mesh is great for keeping little ones’ arms and legs from getting caught in between the crib bars. I will never forget the panic I was in when I heard my son scream and cry with fear because his leg got caught in between the bars and he was stuck. I went running into the nursery and couldn’t tell if he was hurt, scared or both. We immediately bought mesh liner for his crib and it hasn’t happened since. It is important to get the breathable mesh to avoid suffocation.

3.  Video Baby Monitor. When you decide that it’s okay to move your baby from your bedroom into the nursery, a baby monitor not only ensures safety, but brings you great peace of mind – especially a video monitor. It’s something that some people don’t think they need until they have one and then they never go back! The video quality on this monitor is excellent. I can even see my son breathing. Before I had this, I would constantly get up and check him to make sure he was breathing fine. This also displays the temperature in their room to ensure it’s a comfortable temperature for them. It really helps tired parents get some much deserved quality sleep! 

4. Baby Air Purifier. This actually allows you to monitor the quality of the air your baby is breathing. Infants are so small and sensitive to germs. Their immune systems have a lot of maturing to do so they need all the help they can get combating harmful toxins entering their little bodies! This smart purifier will detect things like temperature, humidity and things harmful to baby. It releases negative ions to clean the air. You can download the app and have notifications sent right to your phone.It also comes with a two-way audio speaker and can play music or recordings to calm baby. There is also a light glow that comes in different color options that acts as a nightlight.

5. BabyGanics Set. No need to worry about chemicals and harsh fragrance added to these products. These all-natural products are safe and gentle for baby’s soft skin. This set comes with everything you need to keep baby clean and comfortable. Bubble bath, hand/face wipes, hand sanitizer, body wash, body lotion, shampoo and dish soap are included in the bundle. I have used everything except for the hand sanitizer and dish soap. I didn’t know they had these in their product offering until now, but I’m definitely going to try these! I LOVE the hand/face wipes. I always have them stocked in the nursery, car and next to my son’s high chair. They are safe and gentle on my baby’s skin and I love how the wipes can be pulled out of the packaging very easily. When I’m trying to clean up after a dirty diaper, I don’t have two hands free to try and get some wipes out so they designed the packaging nicely. 

One of the best things you can do for your child is stay informed and up to date on how to keep them safe. It can be overwhelming when you come across contradicting information and not sure what is best. Just do your best to do some research and ask friends that are also parents. Share the knowledge! I remember feeling some anxiety when I gave birth to my son and the hospital staff told me to always make sure he is sleeping on his back in the newborn stage. Some of my older friends gasped at this and told me they were told to lay their babies on their stomach to avoid choking on spit up. I did my own research and decided to listen to my doctor and check on him frequently in the night. I wasn’t getting much sleep anyways at that time. 🙂

If you have any questions on this topic please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you. It’s always great to follow along on the journey of parenting. Please comment or reach out to us through our Contact page or social media platforms. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe to us if you would like to receive updates on new blog posts, new product and special discounts! Don’t forget to browse our shatter-resistant glass bottles that come in a variety of fun colors and different sizes. Our bottles change color based on the temperature of the contents to warn when the liquid is too hot for baby! Thanks for checking us out!

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